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Do you study outside of school?
Is there anything else to do outside of school?
I do, but just the topics my teachers assign.
My friends all know how much I like to be fashionably late.


What Are You Curious About?

Do you know what curiosity is? Sometimes you will come across something that you’ve never seen or heard about before. When that happens, you feel like you want to learn more about it. There’s a “force” inside you that pushes you to go find out everything there is to know about the new thing. That “force” is curiosity!A kid thinking

Curiosity is always a good quality to have. Here are some ways you can exercise your “curiosity muscle”:

Start reading every day. When you read, you’ll know more things. The more things you know, the more you’ll want to learn.

Ask other people questions. There’s no such thing as a “stupid question.” Most people are happy to help you find answers.

Ask yourself questions. Keep a notebook next to your bed, so whenever you have a question during the day, and you didn’t find the answer, you can write it down before you go to sleep. In the morning, read your questions and keep looking for the answers!

Help your friends be curious. When your friends have a question you know the answer to, help them find it. Let them know you like it when they ask questions, and tell them all about how great curiosity is!

Never stop wondering, reading or learning!

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